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Steal the attention by bringing more energy to your lifestyle.


New modern and sophisticated technology on every corners. It’s what on the inside that counts!


Maximum safety for every passenger to provide total peace of mind and excitement in every journey.


Tipe Harga
NEW YARIS 1.5 E M/T Rp 243.300.000,00
NEW YARIS 1.5 E CVT Rp 255.400.000,00
NEW YARIS 1.5 G M/T Rp 251.500.000,00
NEW YARIS 1.5 G CVT Rp 263.100.000,00
NEW YARIS 1.5 M/T TRD Sportivo Rp 273.800.000,00
NEW YARIS 1.5 CVT TRD Sportivo Rp 286.100.000,00
NEW YARIS 1.5 M/T TRD Heykers Rp 280.800.000,00
NEW YARIS 1.5 CVT TRD Heykers Rp 293.100.000,00
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Model Lain

New Hilux

New Hilux

Tersedia 6 tipe
Mulai dari
Rp 213.600.000,00-
New Vios

New Vios

Tersedia 4 tipe
Mulai dari
Rp 285.100.000,00-